Checking In – COVID-19 Newsletter April 2020

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Dear Friends, I have been waiting a few weeks to share a message with all of you as I was flooded with COVID-19 emails early on and did not want to add another one at that time. More importantly, I was still trying to adjust to this new reality and the necessary temporary closure of […]

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Voodoo Floss – Floss Bands for Muscle Compression

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Voodoo Floss looks like a great way for everyone, especially bodyworkers to dispel pain in their forearms. I just ordered some and am curious if it would be useful during a session with a client. Will let you know after I play with it some.

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Self Massage Tools For Daily Use

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I send most of my clients home with suggestions of how they can maintain the benefits of their session with me by using a few self massage tools on a daily basis. It is really important to get consistent bodywork sessions to combat chronic pain but as equally important to work on yourself 5- 7 […]

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Deep Tissue Thai Winter 2016 Newsletter

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Dear Friends, I recently returned from a three-week vacation to Southeast Asia. During my trip, I received more than 18 hours of bodywork in multiple modalities over a two-week period. It was amazing to be able to continuously experience such a deep level of healing. And it was a great reminder of the long-lasting benefits […]

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Why does Bodywork Hurt?

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I often ask my clients to try and change the way they experience┬ápain in their body during their bodywork sessions. Instead of it being something to run away from or stop right away I ask them to just think of it as a sensation – not good or bad but something to be felt, breathed […]

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Thai Medicine Zone

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This is a great new resource for Thai massage and medicine. This website is a comprehensive portal dedicated to Thai massage, Thai yoga, herbal medicine, spirit-healing, and other traditions of Thai healing. Its purpose is to provide a home base for interactive conversation among students, teachers, practitioners, patients, and scholars. We want to educate ourselves, […]

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