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The Pain Doctor and The Brooklyn Monk

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In Phnom Penh, Brooklyn Mon, Antonio Graceffo goes to see a traditional Khmer bonesetter, to get all of his many injuries, from wrestling, MMA, boxing, and more looked at. The doctor uses incredibly deep and painful massage, combined with bone and joint manipulation to realign the Monk’s aging skeleton. In this episode, you will see […]

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New York Times : Unwinding the body

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Less Talk, More Therapy: By Jessica Wolf My first session with Ann E. began as they all would: I stood against a wall wearing only a sports bra and underwear while she stood against the opposite wall, looking me over. She had me face north, south, east and west, and each time her eyes seemed […]

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New photos from Deep Tissue Thai.

Posted on 26 Sep 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Finally got a chance to have a session photographed. There are captions on my Yelp page.     A big thank you to my model: Health Coach and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor Melanie Kaufman !

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Deep Tissue Thai Review on

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Thanks so much to yoga instructor Melanie Kaufman for her review of Deep Tissue Thai on    

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The Power of Deep Compression Bodywork.

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I discovered this great list on the benefits of deep compression bodywork by John Harris at I would also recommend John’s book and dvd: Fix Pain .  From DeeperWork’s : Step This Way Deeperwork’s compressions are direct applications of pressure into a muscle, usually against underlying bone. It is a powerful bodywork tool with long-lasting […]

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