“Matthew is amazing. He has a way of dialing into your body to tap into those gold mines of trapped energy. He is gentle and unrelenting as he systematically works WITH you for the 3 hours. There is very much of an attunement and verbal exchange during the work – this is not a massage that you fall asleep on. He goes deep in a way that allows you to bring awareness, contact and release those long held tensions in your body. The energy that is released is immediate, palpable and refreshing. You have complete control if you want more pressure (and he can deliver more), less, or have him hold a spot so that you can breathe the tension away. I was speechless the entire session.”

— Jim P.

“Matthew stands out as one of the best healers amongst the many I’ve seen through the years. If you are serious about getting on your way to long-lasting healing, see him and get the kind of care and healing that you didn’t know you could get.

Each session is 3 hours long. Although it seems like a long time, you lose any sense of time once you lay down on the mat. Matthew guides you through with gentle reminders to breathe and focus.

Deep tissue bodywork is not painless. It hurts to release the stagnant chi/energy in your body. But, be assured that you will be fully rewarded after your session! Your body will feel light and weightless unlike anything you may have experienced. I highly recommend it.”

— Victoria T.

“Do you generally leave a massage thinking “that was nice, but not nearly enough pressure”? That is me, pretty much ALWAYS. Now… as Matthew himself would say it, what he does qualifies more as bodywork than massage, but sweet Jesus… this man has some strength. Definitely the deepest and most rewarding bodywork I’ve ever experienced.

I have been a professional photographer in some form for the past 14 years, and was a competitive equestrian and gymnast from an early age, so basically my body is totally jacked. I’ve suffered from acute lower back, shoulder, and neck pain for most of my life, often times bedridden, and prior to this, the only concrete improvements I’ve experienced were through a series of Rolfing sessions. I have to say that Matthew’s work is much more enjoyable than Rolfing because of the Thai massage framework.

Most folks seem surprised that the sessions go for about three hours, but they are so thorough and intense that even three hours seems limited. If I could, I would have 5 hours straight! I’ve had three sessions now, each spaced two weeks apart, and although I can’t yet speak to the long-term benefits, my increased body awareness and muscular mobility are evident so far.

Now, I have to be honest… these sessions aren’t for the faint of heart. They are often painful and emotionally challenging, but you are in control of the pressure, and Matthew is happy to back off when you are at your limit. At this point, I can’t imagine seeing anyone else for any kind of substantial bodywork. Matthew is true healer!”

— Tai S.

“The best bodywork I’ve had done ever! I’ve had a lot of work done over the past 7 years and no others have had long lasting effects as Matthew’s. It’s incredibly intense but Matthew helps you breathe through the intensity.

I have had sciatica, I have had the “messenger bag problem”–one shoulder higher than the other due to carrying a messenger bag–for years, mystery lower back problem from over a decade ago and I rock climb. Usually when I get bodywork done it only lasts a couple of weeks. The benefits from Deep Tissue Thai lasted at least 3 months. If you’ve got quite a lot of issues and want them to go away for real, instead of taking drugs, this is the place to go.”

— Nepunnee B.

“A massage with Matthew is life changing. Once you go thai, and see Matt, no other massage compares. He is able to tune in quickly to trouble spots in your body and listens to your needs, wants and preferences. Matt knows when to be gentle and when to push it with little direction. I highly recommend Matt to anyone who wants to treat themselves occasionally or better yet, those looking to improve their life physically and mentally with regular massage. Matt is your guy!”

— Katie D.

“By far the deepest and most intense bodywork I have ever had. I felt like I lost 10 pounds of weight after the session and my shoulders and hips feel 10 years younger. Matthew’s work blows away anything being taught in Western massage schools. Highly recommended.”

— Gabriel F.

“I didn’t quite know what to expect with a 3-4 hour deep tissue thai massage. Matthew made it the best experience possible, for me. He listened to all my concerns, I was newly pregnant at the time and he made sure to adjust his style to fit in with my needs. Matthew is a wonderful person, has passion for what he does and has studied this art of healing ones body. He worked with me through the session, helping me breathe and releasing all trigger points and blockages in a deep level. This is not a relaxing massage you would get in a spa, but rather a true healing massage that can really do wonders for your health and over all well being.

I left feeling wonderful, my mind was clear and my emotions were even keeled. Wonderful experience! I highly recommend Matthew to anybody that wants to work on themselves. He was an excellent guide through this process and really invested his full self into my session! Definitely a must try!”

— Sandra L.

“If I sit too long I get sciatica; if I stand too long my lower back locks up due to facet arthropathy. I was afraid I would never get any relief when someone suggested I get a Thai massage.

I had never had a massage that lasted more than 90 minutes, so I didn’t know what to expect when I made my appointment with Matthew and was told it would take 3 or 4 hours. What I didn’t realize was this was no ordinary massage.

Matthew worked with me, asking about my symptoms and really listening. At the same time, he began working on my entire body to release blockages. He guided me through the breath work needed to get a deeper massage, explaining what he was doing along the way. It was intensive, but at the same time incredibly relaxing. I was surprised by how quickly the 4 hours were up.

I left feeling absolutely clear, my muscles loose. Matthew gave me tons of tips on how to treat my body better, so not only did the massage feel great at the time, but I continue to receive benefits from the bodywork. It has been a few months now, and my back (and entire body) still feels more aligned, more relaxed than ever before. I highly, highly recommend this Deep Tissue Thai Massage.”

— Susannah M.