Checking In – COVID-19 Newsletter April 2020

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Dear Friends,

I have been waiting a few weeks to share a message with all of you as I was flooded with COVID-19 emails early on and did not want to add another one at that time. More importantly, I was still trying to adjust to this new reality and the necessary temporary closure of my practice.

I have been thinking a lot about all of you, and I hope that you and your families are staying safe and healthy. I know my own body has been screaming for bodywork, so I wanted to share a few things that may help you get through this time without a Deep Tissue Thai bodywork session.

First, I would like to share my favorite tools for self-massage at home:

I have been primarily been using a soft ball, lacrosse ball, and mah roller to help my back, hips, glutes, and neck. I also use a Lanna Roller, mostly for my side body and back. It is not on the list above, but can be found here:

Lanna Roller

If anyone wants to have a free video chat on how to use any of these tools, please let me know and I would be more than happy to schedule a Zoom session.

In addition to self-massage, I have been practicing yoga every other day for an hour and it has definitely helped keep me happy and healthy. There are a ton of online classes, both free and with a fee. My favorites include the following:

Reverence Yoga
Hot Spot Yoga
Yoga Works
Namaste Yoga 
Bryan Kest (This was the first yoga class I ever did in the 1990’s and there are 3 levels available on YouTube)

Lastly, I have been trying to stay healthy and keeping my immune system strong by juicing and drinking a shot of Master Tonic – Fire Cider daily:

I miss practicing bodywork so much and helping people alleviate chronic pain in their bodies. I look forward to seeing you all as soon as it is safe to do so. Please know that when I re-open I will be adding 90 minute sessions for the first time to help support anyone who may not be able to do a full session. I will still have the regular 2-hour and 3-hour sessions.

These are challenging times for us all, but please remember to take the time to care for yourself. I will let you know when I re-open, but please feel free to reach out at any time.

In health and gratitude, 


Gift Certificates are available if you would like to gift a session to a friend or family member to use when I re-open.

I am now offering 6 sessions a week. 3 on Saturdays and the same on Sundays. Session times are now 9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm and 5pm-8pm.